[RadiusNT] RRAS, Radius & Reboot

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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 00:22:44 +0200

I have a problem with RadiusNT and RRAS. When an user has been disconnected
with that error :

---The user m.mancino connected to port COM3 has been disconnected because thecomputer could not be projected onto the network.----

in this case RadiusNT don't clear the record for that user in CallsOnLine,so the user can't connect again bfore I manually clean the CallsOnLinetable.

---The user m.mancino has connected and failed to authenticate on port COM3.The line has been disconnected.

Another problem is when the RadiusNT server machine is rebooted: TheRadiusNT service is closed before the RRAS service: so the RadiusNT don'tsee who is to be disconnected due to the reboot. At restart, infact, theRadius server have the CallsOnLine with users connected bfore reboot, makingNAS unusable to them (like the 1st problem) that meanwhile they wasdisconnected by reboot.

Is there a flag to set or a solution to these problems that I'm having?

Thank you,

Massimo AnicitoETNACOM Srl


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