[RadiusNT] Proxy order

D Mayer ( dmayer@netwalk.com )
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 15:49:26 -0400

We are getting ready to start doing proxying for another company on our
dial-up pools. The auth request first goes to our primary radius server,
and if the user@domainname.com is their domain, it should proxy to their
server. My question is, if there is no domain name after a username, or
there is a domain name that does not match anything in the RadDomains
server, will they be authenticated locally, or do I have to put a 'DEFAULT'
entry in with the TreatAsLocal flag set?

Also, do accounting records get stored on the local server, the remote
server, or both?

Peter D. Mayer
NetWalk System Administrator

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