[RadiusNT] Encryption doesnot work

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:07:59 +0800

Even I placed needed value in registry and/or run RadiusNt with -E
RadiusNt doesnot perform encryption to check passwords. There're
accounts with encrypted password and I use radlogin.exe to test.
When I sent normal password, RadiusNt rejected it. So I thought that
may be my encryption function outputs invalid hashes, but before
checking my program code, I sent to RadiusNt encrypted password
(ie not real password, but its hash) and in this case server accepted it.
It seems RadiusNt didnt do any coding. Why?

PS: Does anybody can check this password/hash pairs. I want to check my
crypt function. Salt is "psw":
Org psw Hash
t psMqH8I4PrMIo
tt psRZQqleUgJH.
ttt psVf7S7w7HA22
tttt pseqh5XB2ZCz6
ttttt pscJCHLE4W1Bc

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