Re: [RadiusNT] Users getting stuck online

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Wed, 11 Aug 1999 03:51:16 +0800

To reset user/port status in such situation (ie losing user disconnect),
do I need to reset status field for failed port of CallsOnline table
or/and ServerPorts table's last user status?

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> Brian Kerr wrote:
> >
> > We are running Radius on one server and it seems to be doing just fine
> > except for one thing. People with dialup accounts have 1 login for
> > username unless they request more. Sometimes when they disconnect for
> > whatever reason the database doesn't think that they got offline and
> > has a limit of 1, when they try to get back on it denies them and at
> > point we have a script to reset all the users online back to 0. Is
> > any way to prevent this? Is it a bug or is there a fix that we need to
> > apply? Thanks in advance
> What kind of terminal server are you using? This is typically causes
> by an accounting problem between your NAS and RadiusNT. You might
> also want to look into SNMP concurrency checking, which can prevent the
> false denials.
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