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Mon, 9 Aug 1999 13:00:57 -0300

Thank you but it doesn `t work !
This is my radconfigs.
What is bad ?

Please can anybody help me?

RadConfigID AccountID RadAttributeID Data
1 692 8 0
2 692 9 0

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to assign a specific i.p. to a user

1. open your radconfigs table
2. under the colum for account ID enter the account ID matching that user
from your subaccounts table, make sure it's accountID No. and not customerID
3. under the colum for radattributeID enter 8 for framed-address
4. under the dtat colum enter the i.p. number
5. new row, same accountID
6. under the colum for ardattributeID enter 9 for framed-netmask
7. under the data colum add the netmask for this i.p.
8. close

you may not need to do 5,6, and 7 if all your i.p's are in the same netmask
your NAS's i.p. pool

be sure to verify that this i.p. and netmask is routable by your NAS

next time the caller connects, he/she should get this i.p.

paul woo
elp networks
el paso, texas

At 02:00 PM 8/6/99 -0300, you wrote:
> Hi !
> I need assign 1 ip to an user, What is the correct mode to do it.
> If y modify radconfigs its like nothing !
> Where must I modify , where is "framed user" where must I put the fixed
> IP.
> Thank you!

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