[RadiusNT] Strange Problem with RadiusNT 2.5 Enterprise

Phil Taylor ( Phil@lansystems.co.uk )
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:14:18 +0100


I recently (yesterday) downloaded (and purchased) RadiusNT 2.5 Enterprise
edition. I am now having some strange problems.

My System
SQL 7.0 Server (Dual PIII Zeon with 512MB RAM & 50GB RAID 5)
2 x RadiusNT Servers (Single PIII500 with 128MB RAM, 9GB UW2 HDD)

I have installed the lastet MDAC on both Radius Servers (2.1.xxx.xxx)
(downloaded yesterday from MS).

I have tried various permissions etc but nothing seems to solve it. Servers
are currently logging in as a dedicated radius user that is a member of the
Administrators group.

The Problem
Authentications with radlogin are unpredictable and fail more often than not
with RadiusNT running as a service. in debug mode (-x15) both servers run
fine. (they both authenticated 1000000 requests from radlogin without a
problem in debug mode.) It also works fine as a service if I enable ODBC
debug mode (albeit slow), this last one makes testing very difficult as I
would usually enable ODBC/Radius debug modes to work out what is happening.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could it be a problem with the latest MDAC ?

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