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Lorri Manning ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:40:47 -0500

Thank you for your swift reply & I apologize for the anger I should have
- Lorri

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Lorri Manning wrote:
> RadiusNT 2.5.175
> No Emerald (sorry)
> NT4.0 - Service Pack 5.0
> SQL 6.5 DB
> SQL 32 bit ODBC driver - 6/3/98
> Boardtown's Platypus ver 2.9 Build 505
> I've attached the debug text. Here's the problem. I had RadiusNT turned
> off and these admin packets/Telenet sessions are coming in like crazy. It
> also happens when it is authenticating. Our network admin turned off all
> the "listening", "logging", etc. that he is aware of and it still happens.
> The initial problem was that Radius stops writing to the Calls table ever
> 12 - 24 hours and the Calls online view does not work at all. However
> Boardtown wanted me to get the admin packets stopped first. I have no
> where they are coming from as the Host addresses are from all over the
> place on our Livingston PM3's. Any clues, pointers, etc. would be greatly
> appreciated.

> SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls
> ,AcctStatusType,AcctSessionTime,UserService,AcctDelayTime) VALUES
> 0051AB','admin','',2,1283,6,437691)
> ODBC Error:23000:233:
> [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The column NASPort in
table Call
> s may not be null.

You need to edit your Calls table and put a default value on the NASPort
column (like 9999) and it will allow RadiusNT to save the packets. I
you can also turn off admin RADIUS accounting on newer ComOS releases as


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