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Mon, 2 Aug 1999 02:35:31 +0200

It's not an NT Server or RadiusNT issue, but a Microsoft
Feature-in-a-(already checked for you)CheckBox(tm) that integrates Remote
Access Client + Microsoft Network Client.

Try to clear 'Accedi alla rete' ('Access to the Network' in english
version?) checkbox in Win95/98 Remote Access Client to speed-up
Authentications on your NT system from these winXX boxes. They waste their
time trying to Log On automatically on your NT Server with username/password
supplied by Microsoft Network Client on these boxes, so it takes a bit long
(very long) to arrive to the real authentication process.

I'm using NT4 + all knowns Service Packs + All knowns hotfixes + RRAS +
RadiusNT + ODBC mode (Access Setup?) and authentications are ~ immediate (1
or 2 secs).

Massimo Anicito

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Subject: [RadiusNT] User verification times


I would like to know how long it takes your users to get connected to your
network - counting from after the modem handshake to the time the Win 95
connection window minimizes itself as two blinking square boxes.

Can you also please specify what authentication hardware / software /
database and NAS you use ?

I'm asking because I usually get 9 seconds from my USR Netserver 16 + Win NT
+ RadiusNT + MS Access setup.

A local ISP was tested to do it in 1 to 2 seconds and they won't tell us
what their setup was. And this has got us intrigued.

- Danny Sinang

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