[RadiusNT] Help with "both" mode

Paul Burwell ( paulb@interbaun.net )
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:15:51 -0600


I would welcome some input on the following situation:

I have a legacy system for one of the ISP's we manage that creates text
based user file for RadiusNT. Currently we run RadiusNT in text mode to
handle this. Not great, not perfect, but it works very well actually.

We want to add a new domain and ISP to authenticate off of our RadiusNT
server. I imagine using RadiusNT in "both" mode whereby it will
authenticate from both the SQL database and the text users files.

One problem that arises is that the accounts are created by two different
account management systems. The legacy systems knows about its users but
doesn't know about the SQL database. Inevitably I will end up with a paulb
user in the SQL database and a paulb user in the text users file.
Physically these would be two different users with different passwords and
routing concerns. The users would all be dialling into the same POP.

What I need to accomplish is someone of differentiating users to RadiusNT.
Is there a way I can accomplish what I want to? Could it be accomplished by
having the users of the new domain and ISP (whose login information is
stored only in the SQL database) use some sort of prefix to their username
to be differentiated from the users in the text users file?

I realise this may not be entirely clear and would welcome the chance to
explain further if necessary.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.



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