Re: [RadiusNT] SessionTimeout and time banking

Mark Lipscombe ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:02:54 +1000

> As I understand, above 2 things are mutually exclusive. Ie
> if RadiusNt configured for time banking (some account's TimeLeft
> field is not NULL), there's no any reason to define Session-Timeout
> attribute in RadConfigs/RadATConfigs of this account. If this attribute
> is defined then RadiusNt will use max value of Session-Timeout
> and TimeLeft. Am I right?

They're not mutually exclusive. You may wish to give a customer 100 hours
of "block time", but limit them to using it in 2 hour blocks, therefore you
would set TimeLeft = 6000 and set Session-Timeout in RadConfigs/RadATConfigs
to 7200.

> Also, Emerald's database has MaxSessionTime field in ServerPorts
> table, but RadiusNt documentation does not have anything about
> this field. Does it mean that this field is optional? Why does not
> require this field? I ask it becouse this field contains information

Having a value in the field is optional. If it is set, it will enforce a
maxium session time on that port, perfect if you want to have a pool of
"express" lines, with 30 minute limits or so.

> Thanks all
> Tumur

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