Geo. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:46:55 -0400

> Well... it could be a setting issue as well.
> The portmaster should have a setting (I believe that it does) to handle a
> large number of bad password attempts. All of my equipment gives you 3
> attempts (username not null) and then kicks you out. Now if the
> portmaster
> code is not doing that, it would be a portmaster issue. What are you
> seeing for accounting packets? When the person gets their second
> b channel
> up are you getting their username/password ever in the accounting records?

Well I've got some more information on it now. It appears what is happening
is he is flooding out the database or somehow making radius time out and
getting verified thru our backup radius server which is set to run on the
text file and has concurrency turned off. (we found this was the best way to
set it up for our situation).

If I put his userID and password in the portmaster user list instead of
verifying him thru radius then he never gets both lines up.


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