[RadiusNT] Table name problem

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 10:10:19 +0800

I'm going to use RadiusNt with Paradox database. I created
new DSN pointing to folder where my db tables exist. These
files were created by simply copying Emerald's SQL tables
and truncating unnecessary fields. My files and Emerald's tables
both have same table names and they match names from
RadiusNt doc. But after configuring ODBC options in RadiusNt Admin,
program raises error like 'Cannot find file MasterAc.db'.
I've not tested it, but probably after renaming MasterAccounts table
to MasterAc, all will ok. Is it ODBC driver's (paradox version is 5)
behavoir that it truncates table names? I think that may be Paradox
version 5 is old Dos time database and it accepts only 8 char names.
Have anybody hear about Paradox 7 (and above) ODBC driver?
I cannot find it.

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