[RadiusNT] Re: attribute errors while startup and after a user logs off

Sheryl D. Weidner ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 11:02:20 -0700

Dean and company,

You and Drew have indicated that you are unfamiliar with Radius servers and
their basic operation. I recommend that you attempt to familiarize yourself
with those topics, if only to avoid unnecessary panic. Some good resources
for learning about RADIUS are available from Lucent (formerly Livingston):


RadiusNT does not have to run in DOS mode and no representative of IEA
Software has ever told you that was required (you will note that Drew stated
he was running in that mode for testing). RadiusNT runs successfully as a
service for authentication and logging, and except for testing purposes, we
recommend that you run it as a service. We originally ran RadiusNT in its
debug mode as an application in order to demonstrate to you that the proxy
authentication configuration was successful. Have you installed RadiusNT as
a service (using the Service Control tab in the RadiusNT administrator)? If
so, it will be available to you in your Services control panel.

The errors below are simply the result of receiving data from the terminal
server which RadiusNT does not have a definition for. Attribute vendor IDs
and Attribute IDs must be located in the RadiusNT dictionary in order for
RadiusNT to report on them properly.

The Radius RFC consists of many attribute types which are not specific to a
particular hardware vendor. Those attributes have a Vendor ID of 0, and
then an attribute ID which is a number keyed back to the "verbose"
description of the attribute. RadiusNT includes those attributes, as well
as many attributes specific to the more common hardware vendors, in its
default dictionary. However, we recognize that vendors may develop new
features specific to their hardware after we release a dictionary of
attributes, so we make it possible for you to add more details to your own
dictionary file or table later.

In this case, Ascend's attributes used to be part of the standard dictionary
(vendor ID 0), but Ascend recently began using a vendor ID of 529 to
indicate some of its vendor-specific attributes. This change happened after
the RadiusNT dictionary was developed.

The situation is easily remedied by adding more Vendor-Specific Attributes
to your database. Level 3 may need to provide you with Ascend's
documentation in order for you to know what the descriptions of the new
attributes should be. If you need further assistance in updating your
database, please be prepared to provide us with the relevant Ascend
information, and we can assist you with an SQL script.

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Subject: RE: attribute errors while startup and after a user logs off

:this is really very upsetting -
:Drew - I need to find a back up service just incase - really.
:Is this another non-"service" based solution that needs to run as a dos
:app on NT?
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:From: Drew Gainor [mailto:DrewG@agnetworks.com]
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:Cc: 'Christian.Lees@Level3.COM'; David Murdoch; Dean A. Shafer; Nima
:Subject: attribute errors while startup and after a user logs off
:I receive the following attribute errors whenever I restart the radius
:software or after a user logs off.
:received an unknown attribute 193, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 197, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 255, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 120, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 121, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 122, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 189, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 191, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 195, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 198, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 192, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 196, vender 529
:received an unknown attribute 190, vender 529
:Can someone give me hand in fixing this?
:Also, the radius seems to hang every now and then. I am currently
:running it in DOS mod for testing. Is that a problem?
:Drew Gainor
:Webzter Corporation
:VP of Technology

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