Re: [RadiusNT] Paradox, ServerAccess table and etc

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 11:09:22 -0700

"S.Tumurbaatar" wrote:
> I need detailed information about MaxSessionLength,
> StartTime, StopTime fields (all integers) of ServerAccess table.

MaxSessionLength is in seconds and maps the the Session-Timeout
RADIUS attribute (its the max number of seconds the user is
allows to stay on-line, or 0 for unlimited).

The Start/Stop Times are in minutes past midnight and restrict
the time frame the user can login. For example someone who can
login only from 8am to 6pm would have a start and stop time of
480 (8*60) and (18*60) 1080, respectively. You can switch the
numbers Like start of 1080 and stop of 480) to only allows 6pm
to 8am access.

> Also does anybody have some experience with using Paradox db
> for RadiusNt? Which DBM setting is best suited for Paradox: automatic
> detection or others?

I've never tried to use Paradox. However, RadiusNT will default
in SQL Server if it doesn't know the DB type (it will not know
Paradox). You'll probably have bettet luck forcing it to
MS Access mode, by setting the DBM registry entry to 2. The
currenly known DBM modes are:



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