[RadiusNT] Concurrency Control

Jeff Woods ( jwoods@deltacomm.com )
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:36:53 -0400

Dale et al:

I believe the concurrency checks that RadNT 2.5 performs are invalid. By
relying solely on the contents of the Calls table, you create
problems. For example, if a NAS spontaneously reboots (as is happening
frequently with the latest PM-3 code), the calls table isn't cleared, and
Stop records never come. Anyone who was online at the time of the reboot
CANNOT log on again until someone manually clears the calls table. Since
these reboots are so common with the PM-3 these days, this is a Bad Thing
(tm). Wouldn't using an SNMP check (or in the case of multiple NAS's, a
series of checks) to determine if the user is online, and how many times,
be better?