[RadiusNT] Radius do not call Filter

skarim ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:38:07 PDT

I create a filter on NAS (PortMaster) which deny TCP port=80 packets. If I apply it on ethernet side on NAS it works fine and block all requests of port 80 comming from users. Now I wanna apply filter on a particular user, I put an entry in RadConfig Table which is :

RadConfigID 4
AccountID 2
RadAttributeID 11
RadVendorID 0
RadVendorType 0
Data nohttp.in
Value (null)
RadCheck (null)

Then user can still browsing. What is Type in RadAttributes Table? The Type of Framed-Filter is 0.

Plzz anybody can solve this prob.