[RadiusNT] FW: Over Login Limit Problem

Mon, 21 Jun 1999 09:34:47 -0400

> I am having an interesting problem that is near impossible to
> track down as to why, so I'm hoping that someone out there
> can crack this nut for me.
> I am getting several 'Over Login Limits' for users. These are
> known not to be ISDN users with only a login limit of 1. I
> have already been down that road with some ISDN people.
> It's a near random thing. We have never had a user complain of
> it more than once. When they call saying that they can't get on
> we can see that the reason is Over Login in the radius logs.
> When I check the CallsOnline table, it shows they have a AcctStatusType
> of 2, so they should be logged out. The Calls table also echo's
> this. I check the NAS (an Ascend TNT) and it does not show the
> user online either.
> So for all intensive purposes it looks like this user should be able
> to log on. The last time a user called in about this, I tried using
> radlogin to simulate a login from them, and I kept getting Time Outs.
> I would get timeouts on any name I used. I stopped and started up
> RadiusNT and the problem went away.
> Has anyone experienced this problem? Could it have something to do
> with the number of Auth records hitting the DB in a given amount of
> time?
> Any wild speculations would be greatly appreciated.
> I am running RadiusNT v2.5.105 (probably need to upgrade, but never had
> a problem with this version until just recently) authenticating
> against a MSSQL 6.5 DB. I am running an Ascend TNT with software
> version 7.0.4.
> Thanks!
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