Re: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT on Alpha

Nathan Haywood ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 14:37:12 -0400

RadiusNT was installed into c:\radius

Both the data and acct directories are set as c:\radius

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Subject: Re: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT on Alpha
From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:51:42 -0700

Nathan Haywood wrote:
> I have a freshly rebuilt Alpha (300MHz) running NT 4.0 sp5. I installed
> RadiusNT-Alpha-124 in ODBC-mode (yes, the connection works) on it and when
> try and enable it as a service, I get a "Dr. Watson" error of:
> -----
> Radius.exe
> Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x00407f94
> -----
> My Application Log shows:
> -----
> The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on
> 6/17/1999 @ 12:28: 0. 27 The exception generated was c0000005 at address
> 00407f94 (<nosymbols>)
> -----
> We are licensed users of Emerald and have RadiusNT running fine on an
> box. Any ideas?

Make sure the data directory and acct directory is filled in with the
path of where RadiusNT is installed as.


Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT__________________________________________IEA Software, Inc.

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OK ok... radius does not handle the dynamic pool.. I misunderstood, theparameters in Emerald Admin (sorry).

So we now let the Ascend assign the IP adress but when we connect to it, westill have the message "error 738 : the server did not assign an IP adress".

What is more, we activated the debug mode in Radius and it seems that theAscend does not send user names and passwords to radius but othersparameters. Of course, the connection is refused...

Can somebody help me ?

GuillaumeEchoweb LLC

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>Michael Saunders wrote:>>>> Please forward me information on how you made radius hand out IP addressdynamically.>>Please forward it to me as well. :)>>-->>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT>__________________________________________>IEA Software, Inc.>