[RadiusNT] radiusnt & proxy & chap

Christian Schmit ( cschmit@vo.lu )
Sat, 29 May 1999 17:32:53 +0200


We run radiusnt version 2.5.124 and use the proxy
function of radiusnt as we are a GRIC pop. We run radiusnt
in ODBC only mode with MS SQL server 6.5 with SP5a.

When local or roaming users login with PAP
everything is fine.

When using CHAP local users can login without
a problem however roaming users get rejected with
the reason that decrypted and database password do
not match! What can be wrong here?
(local users enter a username only while roaming users
enter an email address)

Can upgrading to the newest radiusnt version help?

Any other tips?

Christian Schmit
Visual Online Luxembourg