Re: [Emerald] Domains & Mailboxes

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Mon, 8 Nov 1999 09:25:23 +0800

I am trying to set up new domains in Emerald and create mailboxes for each
domain automatically.
I want to use one user list so that there is only one "joeblow" regardless
of domain.
I currently have one billing group set up and it is the same as my default
I really don't want billing to change.
I'm using MailSite with my domain and it works fine. I currently am using
two versions of MailSite. One "main domain" hooked to SQL. The other is
for all the domains and mailboxes that we host. I would like to be able to
do it all through Emerald with one version of MailSite.
I understand that aliases and forwards need to be configured manually.
I want to be able to create and disable mailboxes through Emerald.

How do I accomplish this?

We use MailSite Database plug-in and simply create a VIEW in Emerald
database. In Emerald's SubAccount table, there are some fields you do not
use, like System Software,Modem Type, use it as DOMAIN. In MailSite Database
Mailbox Plug-in Configuration window select generic database, choose the
table name as the View you created in Emerald Database, we did this way it
always works and never fall over and does not use Emerald authentication
dll. Of course you may put a bit of load on SQL server, but for me there is
not a problem.

The Emerald docs leave much to the imagination. They are lacking in many


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