Re: [Emerald] WARNING!! Do not use Emerald 2.5.294 for

Glen Harvy ( )
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 09:09:57 +1100

At 14:01 4/11/99 -0500, you wrote:

Sounds like a similar problem I had.

You need to identify what accounts are being billed over and over again and
specifically what they are being billed for. Then go into the actual
database table and delete the record that Emerald is reading to create that
specific invoice.

Once I did that, the problem went away.

Fortunately I only had a few records to track down.

>We were having minor problems with 2.5.278 last month. Dale suggested I
>contact support and get 2.5.294. I upgraded our Emerald clients to 2.5.294
>only to find that it has a serious bug in the batch-out / batch-in.
>I don't know why, but we have now have some accounts that are billed EVERY
>time a batch out is done. The history tab reports all invoices as paid, but
>every time a batch out is done, the customers are batched out again. We
>have customers that have been charged 15 times over the past month (we do
>credit card batches every other day or so.).
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