Re: [Emerald] Dynamic Calls Online

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 11:56:50 -0800

Will LaSala wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought there was some talk about this in the past but I couldn;t find
> anything in the list archives.
> Here's my problem.
> We have recently signed up with ziplink to provide us with USA dialup
> access.
> I got this setup ok with our servers and emerald...we bill per min useage..I
> think..if Emerald Admin is right...;-)
> However once the user connects, the user never shows up in my online
> section.
> I figure this is because I haven't setup any ports to use for the servers.
> The problem here is I don't know the ports that will be used (ziplink can't
> give me this).
> Is there any way to get Emerald to Dynamically add the user to the online
> view?
> If I didn't explain this clear enough just ask..;-)
> Emerald ver 307
> RadiusNT ver 175 (and testing 3.0)

This SQL Script will allow what you want. However, there was a change
around Emerald 305 to specifically support this. Earlier versions only
looked at the ServerPorts table (not the callsonline view) and therefore
this would not show the calls online correctly.


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