[Emerald] Duplicate Login names

GFBuerk ( Gfbuerk@jbelltech.com )
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 18:44:01 -0500

I am using emerald 2.5 and i am going to add a service for email.
When i add the dial-in service enter the username and password then i add
the email service enter the login name(in the shell box) and the password
and it tells me that the login name is allready used.

Now i don't want to have to use different login names for my users email and
dialup and website and news etc.....
I am not using the login field i am useing the shell field and their are
definatly not 2 accounts with the same shell.

Also i cannot put the same name in the login and shell fields in the same
service?? is this normal???

Thank you

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