RE: [Emerald] CR 7.0 (FIX)

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:43:23 -0700


I figured out what was happening.

In CR 7.0 design view, fonts are not displayed accurately. For instance, at
100%, Courier New 10 looks nothing like it does in other apps (for instance,
WordPad or Outlook). Under no circumstances, should Courier New 10 be
displayed at 14 characters per (horizontal) inch as it is in CR 7.0. 12 is
more like it.

However, if you design in 11 points, you will get what you need. I just did
a quick re-do of my einvoice.rpt using this method and everything lined
up... on screen, in e-mail... and exported to a text file. It seems

Tip: Set your report and subreports to zero-width margins. You'll find
working on your plain text reports to be easier, as you won't have to guess
about relative positioning on your subreports. Let the client e-mail
program worry about margins.

Tip2: Allow additional space on the opposite end of your fields'
justification. That is, if a field (even a static text object) is
left-aligned, make the bounding box two or three characters longer on the
right. This will prevent the truncation that tends to occur in CR.

Have fun.

David V. Brenner -
International Services Network Corporation

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> >> After I send the invoice (to check it, as it looks OK in
> Preview) it looks
> >> like it is scrunched together with some of the text missing.
> >
> >
> >David:
> >
> >You are learning a lesson that I recently learned myself. That
> is, even if
> >you use the same typeface and point size (Courier 10) in your
> e-mail client
> >as you do in your reports, the alignment and spacing is way off
> - even when
> >a text file export of the same report looks perfect.
> >
> >Unfortunately, the only way around this is to tinker with the
> placement of
> >the fields until you get the results you want in e-mail. You will be
> >astounded to see how some things that line up in the report
> preview or text
> >export don't line up in e-mail, while others do. There is no
> apparent rhyme
> >or reason to it.
> >
> I seem to remember some posts about fonts... Just for kicks I opened up
> einvoice.rpt and saved it without changing anything... damn, if it didn't
> do the same thing.
> OK, I see I've got some work to do.
> Thanks, David
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