Re: [Emerald] emerauth & emer_su dll failiure

Drew Halevy ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:40:57 -0500

Dear Josh and All-

Thanks for the help-turns out it was a Doh! problem. We were trying two
accounts that were giving us problems-turns out they were both "special"
(accounts we give for no charge) that had no expiration date-it was the lack
of the exp date that was causing the problems. Thanks for the quick response
though-this group has been a great learning tool-Drew
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From: Josh Hillman <>
> If you just upgraded to Serv-U 2.5a from 2.5 or lower, that may be the
> problem. Serv-U 2.5a doesn't support UNC paths (as is used by Emerald).
> 2.5 and below work fine. Dale's got a special version of 2.5a that does
> support UNC paths and was compiled by the author of Serv-U just for
> users. As far as I know, you have to contact Dale directly to obtain it
> though.

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