[Emerald] NTmail WWW crash and Emerauth

dschaub@terraworld.net ( (no email) )
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:47:58 -0500

I have been running an Emerald auth dll that works with NTmail, but
can't tell the difference between different domains in Emerald.

The only version numbers that I have is that the new one is v.2.7.004
and the old one is listed as something.100 and is dated 2/23/99.

The new version provided to me by Dale Reed does work properly for
POP and SMTP in that it properly authenticates users in one domain
without instead of authenticating the user reguardless of the
domain.... Anyway - The problem is that when a user logs into the WWW
service, it either auths or denys the user properly and displays the
first screen. Any attempt to move to any other NTmail screen results
in a Dr.Watson for the WWW service. Gordano should have recieved a
number of these trap files a few days ago when I was playing with

I am not sure why the old version of emerauth (although it doesn't
distinguish domains) works, but the new one causes WWW to crash.
Gordano support has said that this sounds like an Emerald bug, but
hasn't been able to provide a solution.

Any suggestions or answers would be helpful.


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