Re: [Emerald] help with netserver

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:35:08 -0700

"wilson l. chua" wrote:
> Hi Dale,
> Ive talked to representatives of USR and they claim to have the same problem
> with livingston radius 1.16, they told their clients to switch to the newer
> livingston 2.0 that supports USR.
> They claim this fixed the problem of no accounting update to the odbc link.
> It seems, that if not properly setup, the radius server will incorrectly see
> some extra data sent by the USR as 'bad authenticator'......(see previous
> messages i sent)...
> With other radius servers, they just programmed their radius servers to
> ignore this data. Can we do this also for radius?

> 2) ReqAcctAuth: 1

Turn the Require secret option off in the RadiusNT admin to accomplish
Its not enabled by default, so you must have accidentally enabled it?


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