Re: [Emerald] Emerald / Radius Roaming

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:59:13 -0700

Rick Knospler wrote:
> I do some authentication through radius roaming and I am having trouble
> keeping accurate call logs for the roaming clients. It seems that when
> they login, the domain name is not stripped and they are entered into the
> calls table as user@domain name.. I can run a SQL Query manually to
> extract their call data, but there is no way to pull it up from within
> Emerald Client.. Is there a fix for this?

Currently RadiusNT Accounting does not strip the domain. You can
modify the UpdateCalls_AccountID stored proc to not only look at the
login, but also the login@domain so that it correctly matched them,

In the UpdateCalls_AccountID proc, change:

Update #temp_accountupdate
Set AccountID = (Select Min(AccountID) From #temp_accountlist
Where Username = Login)


Update #temp_accountupdate
Set AccountID = (Select Min(AccountID)
From #temp_accountlist sa, MasterAccounts ma, Groups g, Domains d
Where sa.CustomerID = ma.CustomerID
and ma.GroupID = g.GroupID
and g.DomainID = d.DomainID
and (Username = Login or Username=login+'@'+MailDomain) )

This assumes you use the stored procs each night, and not the manual
calls update. If you use the manual calls update, then you need to make
this mod to the updtcall.sql script instead.


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