[Emerald] Need Help/Ideas on Transferring Database

Nathan Haywood ( nhaywood@whro.org )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:15:54 -0400

Alright folks, here's the ugly situation. We're currently running SQL
6.5 SP5 on an Alpha and want to transition our Emerald database to our
new SMP Intel box running SQL 7.0. The problem is that the 6.5->7.0
upgrade wizard says that it won't run across platforms (Alpha->Intel),
the Data Import Wizard only gets the tables, and having SQL 6.5 gen
scripts for creating all the objects creates a script that gives a bunch
of diff errors in some of the SPs. I have also tried creating a fresh
Emerald database with the Admin (2.88) on the new box and then trying to
transfer the data with the import wizard, but the web of interwoven
dependencies kills that pretty quick.

Any suggestions? Dale, do you have a magical tool in your collection
that would let me transfer or export and then import the database?

Nathan - WHRO

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