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Glen Harvy ( )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:30:03 +1000

At 11:18 15/10/99 -0700, you wrote:

The start - stop dates are both the same.

The manual "invoice" run picks up so called "one-off" charges whether they
have been paid or not.

I can generate these charges as many times as I like. All I need do is do a
manual "invoice" run. These invoices also add on the previous invoice as
well, if it was not paid.

These charges all relate to INCORRECT fees calculated for Usage Minutes I
had incorrectly configured to charge.

How do I get rid of these spurious charges?

>Glen Harvy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The far majority of my customers are on a monthly billing cycle that
>> commences on the 15th of the month.
>> Today being the 15th, I ran Calls Update in Emerald Administration and then
>> Pre-Invoice Summary as well as Create Charges in Emerald. I then ran Auto
>> Batch and some invoices were created. Unfortunately I can't readily tell
>> which invoices fell into the Auto Batch criteria.
>> Clearly, there were many more invoices that needed creation so I then ran
>> the Manual version of the Invoice, Renewal and Credit Card Invoice creation
>> using the invoice date of 15/10/99.
>> The manual run duplicated the Auto Run Invoices!
>How so? You should not do a manual "invoice" run under normal
>circustances (just Renewal/credit card). I'm guessing the "invoice"
>manual run picked up charges/etc (not recurring) which looks like
>dup invoices. Emerald should not create duplicate invoices in the
>system, no matter how many different ways you run billing.
>What are the start/stop dates on the dup invoices?
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
>IEA Software, Inc.
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