[Emerald] Overpayment

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 11:05:45 -0700

Here's the scenario:

Customer is invoiced for 1 month ($20) and he decides to pay for three
($60). What is the proper way to enter this payment so that the account
does not expire after 1 month? We have some customers who overpaid in this
manner and even though they had a balance of -$40.00 (that is, a credit)
they still expired.

Next question, but along similar lines:

We only recently began to use Emerald for billing and we have opted for
'anniversary' as opposed to 'monthly'. Should we be invoicing daily?
Should this be done with the Auto Batch feature? What happens to those
who've been invoiced already (i.e., yesterday)? Will Emerald generate only
invoices for new accounts or will I have customers screaming that they've
been invoiced three times in a week? <g>

We want to use the billing features correctly, but obviously we're doing
something wrong. We really could use a quick run down of what we should be
doing for our billing model.

David V. Brenner - dvb@cport.com
International Services Network Corporation

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