[Emerald] Re: additional hours charges

Wed, 13 Oct 1999 21:03:18 +1000

- A qestion about the correct way to configure additional hours
charging. We have a series of accounts that include a base number of
hours for a specific fee and then bill additional hours at a higher
rate. These accounts have been configured in Emerald as follows:

standard time: 4 (4 hours)
standard interval: 3600
standard charge: $0.00 (the actual fee for the four hours appears in
the "services" setting)

Over Interval: 60 (charge by the minute)
Over Charge: $0.02 (2 cents per minute)

When the invoices are calculated each month the clients are charged
the $0.02 rate for ALL the time they used - including the base 4

Could anybody tell me where we've gone wrong?


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