RE: [Emerald] newbie questions on emerald database

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 03:55:56 -0700

Deleting the device in Enterprise Manager does not delete the .dat file
associated with the device. Poke around in your SQL directory structure and
look for a file with the same name (.dat extension) as the device you
created. Delete it and you're once again ready to create an SQL device of
the same name.

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> Hi, a bit of pardon if this has been discussed before.
> I was successful in setting up the emerald database (2.5.278) on
> my sql 7.0
> (no sp)
> I then decided to delete this.(i also selected the delete device option)
> I then proceeded to re-create the a new emerald database with the
> same name.
> To my surprise, emerald refuses to do so, saying that the device name
> already exist!
> however, it is surprising as the emerald database and its associated log
> file is no longer in the sql7.0 directory and the sql list of databases
> under the enterprise manager.
> A look at the registry only shows iea/radius
> Where did i go wrong on this? I also reset the computer just in case it
> wasstill in the cache.
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