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Does anyone know the SQL database well enough to create a query like this?

I don't know SQL, but there are many reports that tell amounts collected,=
why not add tax to the report.

It will take someone who knows the SQL table.

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>No holes to punch and all this works fine...
>However, There is no easy way to create a report that provides the
>information to file taxes.....
>99% of the ISPs should be working on a Cash Account model since they have
>no inventory.. thus tax is not due until it is actually collected.. using
>the tax_sum.rpt creates a report on what you billed, not what you
>I have sent an Email to IEA requesting a report that actually provides the
>information that is necessary to file taxes... However I have yet to get=
>answer.. I am willing to pay for this report as I am sure there are many
>others that would also.....
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>> At 11:35 AM 10/5/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>> >The $25 rule is for each month.. no matter how the payment is made,
>> >4 months, or yearly.... so if you access charge is less than $25.00 per
>> >month on the average then there is no tax.. just change the tax to none
>> >admin...
>> >
>> What we did is create a "dialup single" and a "dialup multi" ... the
>> single is a non-taxed item in admin and the multi is taxed... The dialup
>> single is used for the bulk of our dialup customers which meet the $25
>> exemption.
>> We also created a "$25 exemption" service that is actually a -$1.97 (our
>> tax rate is .07875). That service is added to any account that has the
>> "dialup multi" or other access that is over $25... like ISDN. This way=
>> account that has the "multi" or "ISDN" SHOULD have the "$25=
>> makes it a little easier for our people to remember.
>> >As for the 20% off the other services.. I don't have anyone that is due
>> >the next 15-20 days so I am still scratching my head...
>> >
>> We basically do a similar thing... We created a "20% Virtual" and "20%
>> to handle the few virtual and business sites we house. The discount is
>> reflective of the cost of the service... Whatever the cost of the=
>> we do the math and deduct the tax charged on 20% of that service...
>> ANY Web hosting service SHOULD have the discount...
>> Hope that helps (and makes sense)... if someone can poke holes in it let
>> know.
>> Thanks, David
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