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Adam Ryan ( (no email) )
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 10:05:51 -0400

I've used Total Internet in conjunction with Platypus in the past. I
don't know anything about how well Total Internet integrates with Emerald,
but as far as the actual Total Internet software package goes, I thought it
was horrible. It installs an 'always on top' menu bar with internet options
that is difficult to hide especially to the novice user, who may not even
realize that they have the option. I just felt it was entirely too
conspicuous, as if the user felt they were receiving their internet service
from 'Total Internet'. Another step in confusing the user about who they are
giving their money to.

Also, in the version I had experience with (I do not know the version #, but
this was approximately 8 months ago) created a 'Total Internet Messanger'
in Add/Remove programs that didn't do anything, and couldn't be removed, and
a icon (for Total Internet messenger, again) in the systray that couldn't be
removed without manually deleting 2 files from the Total Internet directory.

My advice: get a sample CD, install it on your machine and see if you want
to inflict all that on your end user before you even worry about Emerald

Adam Ryan / SpyralNet
(914) 348 7676

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> Subject: RE: [Emerald] Automated Sign-up CDs.
> From: Brad Teague <Teague@NetworksPlus.com>
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> I've spoken with Fine Point now, and I'm wondering how many of you, or
> any of you worked with their Total Internet solution for automated sign-up
> software in conjuction with Emerald.
> Any feedback on it? Positive and negative by all means.
> Thanks,
> Brad

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