[Emerald] help with problems

wilson l. chua ( (no email) )
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 17:31:05 +0800

Hi all, Id appreciate it if any of you could provide help on the following:

1. Print Errors
Whatever report i use, i always get the error msg: StartPrintJob in
PrintCustom caused an eror:SqlServer error i looked at the sql logs and
there were no errors listed. i enabled debug mode, but this is also not
recorded. the only report that doesnt fail is the 'revenue by service'
i have already installed a print device on the NT 4.0 sp3. i am running sql
2. Permissions are incorrectly set.
i tested the permissions by creating a new operator belonging to the emerald
secure group and tech group. i disabled deletion of incidents from the tech
group, and then hit the save key to make sure the changes are saved i then
re-started the entire unit! to make sure there are no cached information i
then logged in using this account, and tried to delete one incident. out of
three times, it was successful in deleting 2 records! and failed in 1. when
it fails, every other operation fails! i cannot look at the services, mbr

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