Re: [Emerald] Where is the Radius user info stored

Ben Conner ( )
Sat, 02 Oct 1999 10:16:42 -0700

At 01:08 PM 10/1/99 -0600, you wrote:
>When a new account (dialup) is created, how does the radius database get
>updated? Does RadiusNT use tables from Emerald for authentication, if so
>which ones. Also is there any literature defining the Emerald tables.


In addition to the answer Dale gave, Visio Corp. has a really slick product
that maps out a SQL Server database, visually linking the tables. I
printed off a copy of it a long time ago and refer to it when I need
to. In fact, I'll look into producing an E size drawing of it and/or
putting it into a graphics file for the group.

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