Re: [Emerald] einvoice.rpt -> invoicep.rpt Subreport Linking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 15:27:43 -0700

"David V. Brenner" wrote:
> The linking for subreport invoicep.rpt (Invoices.InvoiceID ->
> Payments.InvoiceID) isn't working for me because my Payments table has all
> NULLs in the InvoiceID field. I am assuming that the subreport was linked
> incorrectly.

No. That is the correct link. However, the problem is as you noted,
that the InvoicID in the payements table is not being updated. I'll
take a look at this.

> After changing the linking to 'InvoiceItems.PaymentID -> Payments.PaymentID'
> for the subreport, I appear to be getting accurate results.

Unless you print out the invoice after the payment is made, it
will never appear of the invoice the customer gets.

> Also, with the original linking, I noticed that there was a subreport
> parameter '?Pm-Payments.InvoiceID??02' defined. When I changed the linking,
> the only choice in the parameter list was '?Pm-InvoiceItems.PaymentID'. The
> ??02 is of particular interest. Does this limit the number of records that
> the subreport will pull in or something like that?

CR6 was hosed with Multiple SubReports. I would recommend just
taking the Payments subreport out with CR6. I'm checking to see
if they fixed that in CR7.


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