Re: [Emerald] CC Processing and Invoice Creation Takes forever

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:34:36 -0700

Duane Schaub wrote:
> I have a question - How long does it take various people to clear credit
> cards. (I am talking about the online part, not the batch-In) We are using
> PC-Charge and MAPP. This thing takes 7-10seconds per card. We only process
> 700 cards but it takes nearly two hours to run!

Thats about common. We have customers doing 25,000 transactions/month,
who have to use multiple clearing houses to handle the CC transactions.
They actually ended up getting a T1 to their bank to do the clearing.

> Almost as long as Emerald takes to generate invoices now! - 5 seconds each.
> What happened to the processing speed around 2.5.~250+? Something in
> invoicing changed because it used to take 15-20 minute to invoice 5000, now
> it takes 4-5 hours to do 6500.

Part of it is that your database is growing. A couple of things did
change in the invoicing to better insure data integrity. Are you using
SQL 6.5? If so, I would be real interested in what 7.0 would do on the
same machine. We have seen a 2-10 times speed increase by just updating
to SQL 7 (it handles transactions better/faster).


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