[Emerald] Setting up Remote Subnetts

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 22:56:09 +1000

I have got Emerald running well with all our dialups, and the NTSAM cheat
worked well.
I am now trying to get my first ISDN customer connected.
We have allocated them with a block of 8 IP's from our new class C.
I have given them xxx.xxx.49.192-200 with the Subnet
I have set them up in Emerald as Framed Prot0col=PPP Framed IP =
xxx.xxx.49.192 Framed Sub =
They dial in and connect fine but I see the get the address x.192 but I
cannot ping them.
They are running a IBM 2210 Router that is very confusing in its setup. I am
relying on the user to setup the router but I have very little experience on
the 2210 as it seems backwards in its termanology.
They are connecting into a Ascend MAX6000 and I have made no profiles on the
MAX for this connection.
I would just like to know this is setup correctly as the customer thinks its
my fault....I just want it working.
Thank You

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