Re: [Emerald] Balance Forward Accounts

Sheryl D. Weidner ( (no email) )
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:15:35 -0700


If your customers have a credit balance when invoiced, Emerald will roll
forward their expire date each time it generates an invoice, applies the
credit, and finds that their balance is still less than or equal to
zero. You will know this has happened because a line item will appear
in the customer's history labeled "Auto Pay" with an amount of $0.00.

However, what you describe below suggests that you have two different
rates: $20 per month, or $200 per year (as opposed to $240 per year).
Emerald will continue to apply the credit balance of $180 (which I
assume you meant below), decrementing by the $20 invoice, each time an
invoice is generated, but this will only give your customer 10 months of
service instead of 12.

What you need to do if the customer has elected to change their pay
period by sending in a different payment amount is generate an accurate
invoice for Emerald to take the payment against. If you have already
applied the $200 payment to the $20 invoice, perform the following steps
to correct the account:

1. Make sure the Master Billing Record is *not* open and being edited
for the customer in question.

2. Go to the Invoices screen and find the invoice you just paid $200
against. Highlight that Invoice in the search results screen and click
the "Void" button. Confirm that you wish to permanently void the

3. Open the MBR for the customer in question. They should now have a
balance of ($200.00) and their expire date and billed thru date should
be back at 10/1/99. Change their Pay Period to whichever pay period you
have configured for annual accounts. If you need to change the Service
Type in order for the pricing to be correct, go to the Services tab and
do that as well. Make sure to click "save" on the service if you have
modified it.

4. Once all changes to Pay Periods and Service Types have been made, go
to the "Master" menu (while still editing the MBR - re-open it if you
clicked "Save" at the billing screen and closed it) and select "invoice
next term". This will create a renewal notice with the new settings you
just defined (if it asks if you want to save, click yes and it will
continue to generate the invoice). What you should see, provided all of
this has been done correctly, is an advance of the paid thru and expire
dates to 10/1/2000, and a new balance on the MBR of $0.

Julie Mitchell wrote:
> This is the first month we have sent out invoices using Emerald. What
> happens to the accounts that have a balance forward. Example a customer is
> invoiced for 1 month $20.00 but pays $200 for the year. I paid the invoice
> and now have a balance forward of $190. The expire date is set to
> 11/1/99. Will it expire then or pull from the balance forward?
> Is there a easier way to handle customers paying more than invoiced?
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> ISN Corporation
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