Re: [Emerald] Managing FTP accounts

Christian Lawrence ( )
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:09:07 -0500

Can you please give me the .DLL file name and location on the ftp server.

Barry Kiesz wrote:

> > Barry Kiesz wrote:
> > >
> > > Have you tried Serv-U or .
> > > They made a .DLL that hooks with Emerald.. That is available on the
> > > IEA-Software FTP Server.
> >
> > Actually, we made the DLL to work with their API. :)
> Dale,
> That's what I meant. :)
> And while we are on the subject, we are attempting to do a virtual FTP
> situation between Emerald and Serv-U. We setup the 1st virtual domain
> (Billing Group) in Emerald, setup the FTP information in the Admin Applet,
> and got the it to work! When we tried to set setup the next virtual domain
> (billing group) with a different UNC path (same machine and share, different
> folder) than the first Virtual domain, it does not want to recognize the
> directory. We tried Serv-U DLL and the EmerAuth (both versions) on the FTP
> Site.
> Is there anything hat comes to mind that I can check..?
> I apologize about the vagueness of the message, it's been a while since we
> tried it. We will set it up again on Monday. We plan on moving back to
> Emerald after having to buy another product last year due to Emerald not
> handling Taxes the way we needed to. BTW, ISP Power's Prism was a nightmare
> when it came to "lame ass" server controls!! I hated every minute of it!
> If we can get this thing working, I know we'll switch back. Due to our
> growth, we'll buy another 3000MBR's and a support contract. (hint?) :)
> Barry
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