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Mon, 27 Sep 1999 12:22:22 -0500

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> > and got the it to work! When we tried to set setup the next
> > virtual domain
> > (billing group) with a different UNC path (same machine and
> > share, different
> > folder) than the first Virtual domain, it does not want to recognize the
> > directory. We tried Serv-U DLL and the EmerAuth (both versions)
> > on the FTP
> > Site.
> I would start by comparing the NTFS permissions for both folders.
> In other
> words, the account Serv-U is running under must have permission to access
> both the share and the directory itself. I think that most people, by
> default, give "Everyone" permission on the NTFS level, which would be
> sufficient, but perhaps you had other ideas about this directory at some
> point and gave it different permissions.
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David (and Dale),

Checked that.. I believe it has admin Privs. Now that I'm back at work, my
colleague informed me that the problem lies in using the same username in
both billing groups.


We have 2 usernames of "bill" in the system in different Billing groups.
They are:
bill (PW: test) billing groupA
bill (PW: battle) billing groupB

Billing GroupA has an FTP UNC of \\ftpserver\groupA
Billing GroupB has an FTP UNC of \\ftpserver\groupB

bill from GroupA logs in correctly and is assigned the proper directory

When bill from Group B logs in the FTP Server, it authenticates his username
and password (bill PW:battle), but returns the FTP UNC of the bill in groupA

Any help on this be appreciated... Some people on the list say they have it
working, but we're stumped.


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