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Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:23:43 -0400

For months, I have been looking for this type of report.
We have actually had to manually go through each invoice.

I would love to see a report that actually figures Tax out correctly.

Maybe you would be willing to share this report when it is finished.


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On 9/26/99, at 10:52 PM, wrote:

>As we Texas ISPs near the eve of our new Internet Sales Tax laws I am=
>to generate a sales tax report based on actual monies received for the
>month. This report is very necessary to be able to figure the sales tax
>The tax_Sum.rpt is based on invoices, which is projected payments, not
>actual monies received. I believe that in most states you are liable for
>the actual tax collected, not what you think you will collect.
>The Payments table contains no tax information.. just the amount of the
>payment. I realize that it does contain the InvoiceID. However, I just
>don't know enough about linking tables and coming up with a valid Crystal
>So, anyone got a CR that is based on actual payments/taxes received??????
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