Re: [Emerald] very weird problem

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 20:28:35 -0700

Bernard Andrys wrote:
> My billing staff is reporting a random weird problem with Emerald 2.5.278.
> They double click on a customer, click the billing tab, make changes, and
> then click "save".
> At this point, instead of going back to the previous screen, Emerald
> displays the "services" tab of a duplicate MBR where the services are blank.
> A new MBR has been created (and saved) with the MBR information from the
> customer they just changed and the subaccount set to blank. They then have
> to delete this MBR. Additionally, they can't re-open the original MBR.
> Emerald insists that the original MBR is already open despite the fact that
> there is no window displayed, minimized, or listed under Window List. They
> have to restart the Emerald client to be able to reopen the original MBR.
> Two different billing employees have seen this on two different PC's. It
> happens around 3 times per day.
> Has anyone else seen this or anything like this?

Yes. Its linked to an Invoice Next Term selection, where you changed
information on the MBR before selecting the Invoice Next Term. You can
get an update from support that fixes this problem.


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