Re: [Emerald] adding a static route (user defined) to my cisco 3810

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:10:07 -0700

> David Kerr wrote:
> What attribute do i need to have in my radius profile to add a user
> defined route to my cisco 3810.
> Is it framed route?

Thats up to the Cisco. Framed-Route should work, assuming that
you have the format correct and that Cisco IOS supports it.

> If this is correct, what format should it be entered in?

According to the RFC:

> The String field is one or more octets, and its contents are
> implementation dependent. It is intended to be human readable and
> MUST NOT affect operation of the protocol. It is recommended that
> the message contain displayable ASCII characters from the range 32
> through 126 decimal.
> For IP routes, it SHOULD contain a destination prefix in dotted
> quad form optionally followed by a slash and a decimal length
> specifier stating how many high order bits of the prefix should be
> used. That is followed by a space, a gateway address in dotted
> quad form, a space, and one or more metrics separated by spaces.
> For example, " 1 2 -1 3 400". The length
> specifier may be omitted in which case it should default to 8 bits
> for class A prefixes, 16 bits for class B prefixes, and 24 bits
> for class C prefixes. For example, " 1".
> Whenever the gateway address is specified as "" the IP
> address of the user SHOULD be used as the gateway address.


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