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Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:46:53 +1000

Thank you for the reply but I cannot seem to specify the default gateway for
the MAX.
I have added (my firewall) as the gateway for but
I can only ping the MAX when I dial in. The DNS settings work but that is
it, I cannot seem to ping other servers on my network.

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Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Firstly....sorry about the newbie question but I need help.
> We have a small ISP with a mixture of Permanent and dialup modems and
> Some ISDN and Modem connections will require fixed IP addresses and the
> I want to assign from my NT DHCP server.
> We are using a MAX6000 with 32 modems and E1 PRI's for client connection.
> We have Emerald and RadiusNT 2.5 on ODBC.
> I can see in Emerald where I can assign single addresses for my customers
> requiring fixed IP's, but I do not want to specify IP for every customer.
> cannot seem to find where I tell Emerald/MAX6000 to use the NT DHCP. Can
> someone please help me with this IP delima ?

I don't think the MAX can assign from a DHCP server and I don't think I
would want it to. :(

You should define the IP Pools in the max itself, and then let the max
handle the dynamix IP Address assignment. That way if the DHCP server
goes down, your users will still work. The default IP is for the MAX
to assign one from its pool, unless you specify one using


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