[Emerald] Me again...

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 13:19:58 -0500


If I created a role/group (SQL 7) like say "EmeraldTech", and made the
permissions identical to "EmeraldSecure" would I be able to remove some of
the permissions from the new group (like delete) and have that group act
like the EmeraldSecure group?

Here's what I'm after...

I want to restrict what some of our Operators can see as well as change...
if they can't see it they shouldn't change it... Like I don't want them to
access the Batch button... If I put them in an Operator group and they are
in the EmeraldSecure group I can set permissions so that the button is
grayed out...

Also, what I really need to restrict is some of the Billing Groups our
Operators see... that's why I'm thinking I could work with a new group that
is set like the EmeraldSecure group.

Those are the main things I want to restrict for our Operators.

Am I on the right track or is what I'm after more complicated than I realize?

Thanks for your time.

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