Re: [Emerald] Changing Permanent Expire...

Sheryl D. Weidner ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:00:21 -0700


Glad to hear you're getting it under control.

> Actually, varying dates as we used to pro-rate them to the 1st... which is
> changing now... hummm... What happens when they sign up on a day of the
> month, say the 31st, and the following month only has 28 or 30? :^) Sorry,
> just had to ask!

Ahah, but we thought of that possibility. :) A customer who signs up on
the 31st of a month will have a billed thru date of the last day of the
following month, if that month does not have 31 days.

> OK, so really, we don't have to set it (Paid Thru) to any particular date
> right now since when we create the first invoice for that customer it'll
> reset it anyway... is that right?

Actually, it will be reset when you take the first payment from that
customer - but basically, the same end result. Emerald will keep
setting it for you.

> OK, that's the one we're setting now to match the actual date our customers
> are paid thru (or to). So to start with now, we should have the Billed
> Thru and Expire dates matching each other...

That is correct. Then, when you run your first billing cycle in
Emerald, the Billed Thru dates will advance, but the Expire dates will
remain the same until you receive payment for each invoice. When you
take a payment, that MBR's Expire and Paid Thru dates will advance to
match their Billed Thru date.

> Going good now... Thanks very much for all the help...

Sure thing. Hopefully, a few list readers out there are learning
something new too!

Sheryl Weidner
IEA Software

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