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Sheryl D. Weidner ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 16:46:29 -0700


If you have configured Emerald to use a Monthly billing cycle (in other
words, to prorate new accounts through the first of the upcoming
calendar month, and to generate invoices for all existing accounts on
the first of a calendar month), you will need the Billed Thru and Expire
dates on the accounts to fall on the first day of the month. The Paid
Thru date is an informational field, updated each time a new invoice is
marked paid. Although technically a user who pays a bill in advance for
a month of service starting on 9/1/99 is paid through 9/30/99, Emerald's
monthly billing routines set the start date of the invoice to 9/1/99 and
the end date of the invoice to 10/1/99. If the invoice is paid, the
Paid Thru date would be 10/1/99 (corresponding to the Billed Thru date
and the end date of the invoice), and if the invoice is not paid, the
Paid Thru date would be 9/1/99 (corresponding to the Expire date and the
start date of the invoice). If you have a Monthly billing cycle
configured for an account whose Billed Thru or Expire dates do not fall
on the first of the month, you will get an error each time you open that
MBR asking you to correct the invalid date, and invoices may not be
correctly generated.

If you will be using Anniversary billing for all new accounts, and want
your existing entered accounts to have a start date for their next bill
of 9/30/99 (e.g., a 1-month bill would be for 9/30/99-10/30/99), then
you can execute the change below without creating any problems.

If you need clarification on the above, don't hesitate to ask.

Sheryl Weidner
IEA Software

David Routh wrote:
> OK, here's another... please correct me if I'm wrong:
> >update masteraccounts
> >set overdue=[new value]
> >where overdue=[old value]
> >
> update masteraccounts
> set paidthru=9/30/1999
> where paidthru=10/1/1999
> Would this set all the MBR's that have a Paid Thru of 10/1/99 to 9/30/99?
> What happened is when we started inputting customers into Emerald we set
> the Paid Thru and Expire and Billed Thru dates as 10/1/1999 where we should
> have put them to 9/30/1999 which is what they are actually paid thru...
> Basically, I'd like to change all the Paid Thru, Expire and Billed Thru
> that are 10/1/1999
> Thanks, still learning...
> David
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